Hey YOU!

BurningBush5When Papa gets my attention and sees that I have stopped to look and inquire – He calls to me, “Veronica” or Hey YOU!… either works =]

I respond, “Here I am”

How did Papa get my attention?

Changing our circumstances, is one way. He had previously spoken to us letting us know that He was going to change ours. Later began the process of us losing our homes to foreclosure. Eric had lost his job  twice, and I started questioning Papa… I didn’t understand what He was doing or why.

And you know…

I eventually came to figure out … He doesn’t want me to focus on the whys and whats (ya ya you can say it… slow much?). “Stay focused on Me, Veronica”, was His constant whisper.

Just like the bush that Moses was staring at, that was on fire yet didn’t burn, so was my circumstance. It was an uncomfortable, scary place to be, but it had the fingerprints of Papa God all over it.

Papa got Moses’ attention, he got mine too.  Many times, I am caught up into my life here, in the natural realm, where-as Papa wants me to be balanced with my focus for both the natural and the spiritual realms.

I read in Exodus that Moses turned aside from what he was doing to check out the burning bush. When God saw that He got Moses’ attention, He called out to him.

What is Papa saying to me?

In reading that He had a direction for Moses, a job He wanted him to do, I realized that may not necessarily be the same for me. So far He’s talked to me about my focus. He’s also addressed humility. He used Job to show me that, and it occurred to me that… humility and focus go hand in hand.

Papa showed me that when my focus is on myself and my circumstances, not only do I begin to justify myself but my self-righteousness will blind me to my own ill behavior.

Frustration, fear, confusion will start to consume me. “I don’t understand”, I’ll cry. “Why is this happening to me? Are You still there or have You abandoned me?”

This morning He reminded me about the circumstances of others and what could’ve happened had they not had their focus on Him. Like Peter, when he was in jail and the Apostles were praying for his deliverance. The angel led him out. Then there’s Moses standing before Pharaoh, Joshua before the armies, Gideon, the Apostle Paul, Elijah and Elisha. All these men had a burning bush experience. Papa revealed Himself in a circumstance, His power, His might and no one was consumed, despite the appearance that they could have been. Their focus was on God and He was faithful and true.

I just wanted you to know, that I am still learning to walk in humility. Self is a very hard thing to give up. But I am a work in progress and am happy Papa has been so patient with me.

And… btw, I looked up the symbolic meaning of Bush.

Bush- symbol of humiliation, chastening, affliction.

Reference: Ex 3:2-4

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About Veronica Schultz aka The Soul Whisperer

Veronica Schultz is The Soul Whisperer. Her career spans over 25+ years as Entrepreneur, Reverend, Ministerial Counselor, Mentor, Life and Breakthrough Coach, Author, Teacher, Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Veronica’s journey of personal transformation started at the very early age of 4 with her first vision. This called her to discover her connection to the human spirit, the body’s dynamic energy system, and how it connects with our behavior, health, spiritual truths and intuitive insights. With this revelation, she stepped into her calling as The Soul Whisperer, a coach for very unique souls. These unique souls function well in life but often feel separate from others. They lean heavily towards holistic healing, love, intuition, warmth, the inner self, and spirit and how they all connect with the world around them. They are connectors and transformers – people with a vision. They have unique gifts and may not understand how to bring their value to the world. As The Soul Whisperer, she offers a fresh outlook on how to break free from the bonds of inner struggles that hinder this unique gifting. Her guidance in discovering their inner connection is invaluable. She knows how to make what seems complex look simple and doable. Countless times she has helped individuals connect with their identity. Identity is a vital part of one’s life because any spiritual disconnection can lead to the manifestation of physical illness. Her words of love, inspiration, and encouragement combined with her prayers and affirmations build a foundation of worth that will never be erased. She is a blessing and an angel. She has experienced emotional and spiritual burdens that only one can imagine and thus understands compassion. She is truly the SOUL Whisperer!
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2 Responses to Hey YOU!

  1. Gods Teddy says:

    I have been telling a lot of people recently that God has given me an attitude adjustment. That change of attitude started with reading this..

    ‘I eventually came to figure out … He doesn’t want me to focus on the whys and whats (ya ya you can say it… slow much?). “Stay focused on Me, Veronica”, was His constant whisper’

    I began to really LISTEN. I had to stop whining long enough to hear Him. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I had to realize I was no longer my own. I have been bought with a price. I am not to be focusing on my circumstances but on what God wants me to do. I am to stay focused on Him and salvation, the rest will follow, IF its HIS WILL.

    I feel like I just graduated from Kindergarten to 1st Grade hehe! Wow! I’m hard to get a lesson thru too lol! =] Thank God He loves me. I am now content in my current situation and looking for the Lord, not to fill my every wish, but to TEACH me whatever lessons I can learn during this time. I have asked Him to help me be ready in season and out for whatever job he needs me to do.

    God Bless {{{snuggles}}}

    • veronicaschultz says:

      Gt, I appreciate you sharing with me and others your personal triumphs. We learn and grow from each other. It’s a beautiful time in our life when we finally “get it”. I remember when He revealed this truth to my heart and I want to share with you, that I am a very stubborn and stiff necked child, when it comes to giving up self and the things I want. I’ve noticed though, the more trials I face the easier it gets to give up “me” and do it His way.
      I’m so happy for you GT, it doesn’t get better than hearing His precious voice and submitting to the ways He is calling you.
      Love you

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