Know This!

Know this, when I show Myself, your enemies scatter.


Be glad and in high spirits. I provide for you in every situation. I go before you and prepare the way, even before you get there. When you tire and suffer under pressure of the new lesson, I send My strength, sometimes in ways that you don’t recognize.

I’m careful with you, in every possible way imaginable. I know how easily broken you are, so I restore and confirm you when you feel discouraged and worn-out.

I provide for you always. It’s just Me and I can’t be any other way. My mercies, compassion and forgiveness towards you are endless. If you have a need, even though I know it, ask Me. I love when you remember to ask Me to provide for you. It’s my greatest pleasure.

Just ask…

Oh that we would delight ourselves in Him. Whether it be in song or gratitude. His Word is right and done in Faithfulness. His loving kindness is endless.

His Word made…

The heavens and their hosts.

He speaks, and it’s done. He commanded, and it stood fast.

He watches us and loves to be a part of our every moment. He fashions our hearts and considers everything we do, say, think and feel.

We are not saved, by strength or by power, but by the Lord; by waiting for Him, by trusting Him.

Inspired from Psalms 2, 33, 67 and 68

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About Ostara Schultz

Stephen & Ostara Schultz are a Mother/Son duo who are modern medicine healers known as the ‘Spiritual Chefs’. use kitchen analogies to teach how to become their own spiritual Five Star Chef, learning new transformational dishes to release Stale, Icy, old recipes of blocks, resistance and emotional triggers. They teach how to remodel the space they create from and cook up special and delightful life-banquets they’d like to experience and enjoy. They’ve ridden through their own Dark Night of the Soul when they experienced family disowning them, foreclosures, car accidents, near death experiences, drugs and the Complete Dissolution of Life as they knew it… as with any Initiation, this experience just prepared them to now support You… To walk through fire alongside you, to work through any issue or challenge by shamanically unwinding the brambles of spiritual and physical trauma and unlocking the Practical Solutions that have been hidden from You. They now live in the San Joaquin Valley with Eric, Stephen’s dad who is also Ostara’s husband on Life Purpose and puppies. Together they are helping people to create a signature sovereign lifestyle budding with abundance in love, spiritual gifts, money and all the self’s i.e. self-confidence, self-assurance, self-love to name a few. They inspire other heart centered entrepreneurs to align their businesses to a new paradigm of 5D consciousness. Ostara and Eric has a healthy sovereign daughter Lauren, who is happily married to Kyle, whom is absolutely adored by the Schultz’s, two grandchildren with one on the way, they are truly blessed. Reach out to them, they’d love to meet you. Stockton Ca, USA Email: Facebook Ostara Facebook Stephen Facebook: The Spiritual Chefs
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8 Responses to Know This!

  1. Thanks It so encouraging.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Veronica, This is soooo true.

    I went all the way through my cancer
    “scare” with 100% peace, which is
    unbelievable to me. It was as if
    it was all happening to someone

    I remember my son saying he wanted the
    next door neighbor Pastor to pray for me.
    I said “That’s all right. I’m o.k.!” (Dumb on my part,
    but it tells you where I was emotionally).

    I was flooded with comfort, peace and joy
    while at the same time a doctor was telling me
    to go home and make my will. He said that even
    after surgery most don’t make it for 5 years
    with cancer of the esophagus.

    I am still here after 2 1/2 years. I feel I’ve beat the dreaded
    cancer diagnosis, with God and early major surgery.
    My scans are always clean. Praise God!

    And that is my testimony full of praise for Him!
    I have literally faced death, and I am not afraid – AT ALL!!!!!

    God Bless,

  3. veronica lee says:

    Hi! I would love to follow your blog but I can’t find your ‘Follow Me” widget!!

    • veronicaschultz says:

      Hi Veronica (nice name!) I’m so glad you want to follow my writings. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a “follow me” widget for I don’t think they have one yet. I keep looking tho. The best you can do is to subscribe and it will send it to your email, I believe. =]

  4. Gods Teddy says:

    Wonderful Vee, as always. And I have got a special dose of that wonderful love and comfort this past week as I had the desires of my heart answered. God made a way for me to stay in what I consider my home town, right next door to the church I call home. Normally I am 5 hrs away from there. I got to visit with ALL of my 9 GRANDkids (although we had to do it in 2 shifts hehe!). I can look back now and see exactly where the doors were that He opened. How amazing! How mighty and magnificent! {{{snuggles}}}

    • veronicaschultz says:

      ((hugs)) GT. Thank you for sharing. It encourages me to know that you have been blessed by my obedience. You have a willing heart that seeks Him always. I’m truly happy for you that you got to visit home and your beautiful family. I hope you’re feeling better. Love ya

  5. Corina Mandrut says:

    Good work Veronica! 🙂

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