Heart Warming Pet Stories

This is  compilation of shared stories among my Facebook Friends. I left the stories in the words of the owners of their pet’s to add a personal and real touch. I’d love to hear your favorite pet story. Just send it to my email, or even leave it in the comment.

Bathroom Buddies?

Veronica ask’s: Why O why does my cat want attention while I’m in the bathroom?

Beth:I have the same problem with my kitten, plus two Corgis.

Kathleen:For the same reason I usually have 3 dogs in there with me. Hahaha. They think it’s a spectator sport!

Brandi: My dogs have to come visit me when I’m in the tub.. It’s weird they sit and stare! It’s like… come on I’m trying to relax.. go bug daddy *roflmao* and if I try to pet rusty my small dog while in the bath, he’s gotta lick the water off my hand, bubbles and bath oils included. He’s so weird.. it’s like dude there is a water bowl right next to you.

Vicki: That’s just the way they roll. My mom’s cat always wants to go in the bathroom with her.

Linda: My cats do the same. They scratch and cry at the door.

Lynda: Mine do too! LOL!

Special Pet Moments…

Beth: I had a German Shepherd once, Hans (best dog ever)… I had pneumonia (or close to it) and fell asleep in the tub (cold meds)…I woke up to him banging his head against mine as I was under the water, I really think he saved me. And since he could open door handles… I was never ever able to take a bath alone again. He felt he was on sentry duty! I miss that dog.

Brandi: It’s funny, my girl cat will stick her paw in a bowl of water and lick it off, but when I have to give her a bath, I’m dead!

Beth: I always find it funny to watch the cats as I’m taking a bath..they’re like “WHAT did you do to deserve THAT? You must have been really really BAD.”

Veronica: Eric and I had taken our still in stroller age kids, and our dog, Lissy to the park. We both got distracted for only a moment and the ferocious growling and snapping drew our attention back quickly to see our dog lunging at this lady, who was withdrawing her hands from what looked like to me, reaching for to take my youngest. I love that she was trying to protect our children as what she perceived as danger.

Beth: We lost our terrier of 19 years last Feb, the bonus of smaller dogs is we can share our lives with them longer! (We normally have large dogs…Saint Bernard, Malamute..in the past, Shepherds…and they just don’t stay with us as long…) we added twin Corgis to our family two months ago and they have brought many smiles. And when I take them out, they try to protect me from whatever they see as danger..I find it so funny to be protected by 20lb dogs! When our saint is 200lbs!

Brandi: when i was a kid we had a pool table and an albino ferret..my ferret loved to play pool with us..if your ball was close to the pocket but missed..he would run across the table and nose the ball in 🙂 talk about pool cheats 🙂

Valerie: In 2003 I had to move in with my in-laws. They had a German Shepard (BIG and old) that was a very good security dog. Well, we were moving in and the last load was finished around 4a.m. We were standing outside almost ready to go inside to for bed. The dog was sitting next to me, just observing. I was standing with my hand in my pocket and all of a sudden, the dog just chomped on my arm and shook it like a rag doll. He bit 3 times before he realized that he had done wrong.You see he was going blind and deaf and when he turned to look at me for some reason he reacted funny and did what dogs do to protect themselves. Needless to say, we took an ER trip, I received antibiotics, pain meds, and shots. The bites caused a paralysis in my right arm and my fingers were stuck in the sign language shape of “I love you” for two months. It took 5 years to gain the full use of my fingers to be able to hold a sewing needle and a pen or pencil longer than 10 minutes to write. This incident ruined my trust for any dog bigger than my pet Fella. I also developed anxiety issues. Whenever something really distressed me or I saw a big dog, I would freak and have heart palpitations, sweat, get shaky and almost hysterical. Before the dog bite I was ‘Ellie May’. I didn’t get over the anxiety with the dogs, but I was learning to deal with the stressful situations. About 2 months ago, my husband and I decided to get a big dog for security reasons, but we knew we wanted to get a puppy. We thought that a puppy would help me get over the anxiety. I said absolutely no German Shepard’s! On December 21st 2009, Corky (here is a picture of him) http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#/photo.php?pid=161736&id=100000066080469 showed up on my front lawn. She has been a blessing. She is a German Shepard about 6 months old and is helping me with my Anxiety. So, God works in mysterious ways. Don’t rule out something verbally like I did, because God may send a surprise your way.

Brandi: Pet owners never suffer alone. I wish you could have seen Jamie the other night. He was laying on his stomach on the bed playing my dsi and both our cats were asleep curled up between his legs. I was able to take pics of him being a human pet bed.. it’s too funny 🙂

These wonderfully warm and funny pet stories were shared with me on Facebook. I wanted to share them with you too

If you have any warm and funny pet stories that you would love to share, please send them to me or post them in the comments. Make sure you let me know if I can add them here for others to enjoy!


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