The Words We Speak

And the Holy  Spirit pointed out to me…

The scene as I watched my daughter change her son’s diaper.

He whispered to me, “look how unaware her son is of being naked. How unashamed he is.”

I meditated on this and smiled at my grandson.

Then shared these thoughts with my daughter which she beautifully replied, “mom, a person is not embarrassed or ashamed of themselves, at least not until someone makes them feel that way.”

Something to think about: A person is not ashamed of themselves, at least not until someone makes them feel that way.

Our relationship with Papa is always uplifting, healing and loving. Even during times of correction, He speaks wise, wonderful, loving words.

If you look back in Genesis, Papa never intended for us to feel ashamed. It’s those experiences we face as growing up, the hurtful, shameful words spoken to us with thoughtless intent, that we  begin to privately probe and question ourselves, “are we really are ok?”

Look at Adam and Eve, even as adults they were both naked yet they felt no shame. Genesis 2:25

Oh, but there was no sin was there? Yes it is true, sin complicates things. Let’s not let that knowledge as an excuse but lets strive towards speaking and loving one another as He does.

I’ve been deeply wounded by others and no matter how many times it happens, it never get’s easier to heal. How many of us can say they’ve “reproached me; shamelessly they’ve attacked me (with unkind shaming words). Job 19:3

How much effort is given to the words we use being positive, gentle and uplifting? Even during a reprimand, do we carefully choose our words wisely?

Be wise how it’s said for “a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Proverbs 25:11

We need to nurture in all circumstances, especially while we’re correcting. Shaming can causes deep injuries that result in emotional battles for the injured that can last for years, not to mention the ripple effect it has as the “hurting, hurt others”.

Our read today: Proverbs 15 Let the Holy Spirit speak into our heart and our life as we read. Ask Him to help us grow and learn how to speak wise, wonderful, loving words; words that speak truth and bring life instead of devastation.

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About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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