Forgiveness Brings Healing

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Forgiveness is very important – we know this, right?

Are we ready to forgive?

There must be a turning in our hearts, a turning away from the behavior that got us into the mess with others. If you and Papa God have been talking about this and you can see with clarity your part, and you feel it’s time to forgive, then read on…

Acknowledging scripture…

We know what God say’s about forgiveness.

If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matt. 6:14-15

Have you wondered what it means when it says that our Father will not forgive us when we don’t forgive? I believe He is trying to express that without forgiveness from our hearts, we can’t receive His forgiveness. The choice to not forgive damages our relationship with Him and others. Don’t misunderstand this scripture. God is not saying that you aren’t forgiven. You are! If you have accepted and love Jesus as your Lord, then don’t worry about your salvation, it’s fully intact, and there is nothing you’ve done or can do that will change that, ever!

Starting off with prayer…

Should I contact the person or not?  Well, after some prayer and time with Papa God, He will guide you to know what direction to take. Some times forgiveness has to be done without contacting the other person… let’s say for instance, Mary, tormented by her lack of forgiveness between her and her father (true story btw), knew she needed to seek mutual forgiveness with Him. He passed away a year ago and before that, she wasn’t ready. Thanks to God and Alon-on she is now ready, but how?
Getting his forgiveness is impossible, so she must settle it between her and God. It’s that easy.

Recognizing Satan‘s plan to destroy…

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, anger are ours to give to God. These are Satan’s game strategies to keep us in bondage. God never moves upon us with these negative attributes. It goes against His very nature. It’s imperative to recognize when it’s God moving to direct us or Satan moving to deceive and destroy us.

Recognizing God’s attributes…

How do we know when it’s God  speaking? Our God is absolutely wonderful and never overbearing, although He can give us a sense of urgency. It’s important to understand who He is, to recognize who is whispering to us. I found this list of His attributes on the internet and think it’s just wonderful.

  • He experiences JOY.
  • He is LIFE & the source & CREATOR of all life.
  • He is the SUSTAINER of all creation.
  • He is TRUTH, He is GENUINE.
  • As a “being,” God alone is innately IMMORTAL.
  • He is perfectly and completely HOLY (Leviticus 19:1-2; I Peter 1:16), PURE, and RIGHTEOUS.
  • He is the perfect embodiment and being of INTEGRITY.
  • He possesses an awesome GLORY & is glorious.
  • He is PERSONAL.
  • He is perfect LOVE.
  • He is fully/always and perfectly PURPOSEFUL.
  • He is perfectly BENEVOLENT.
  • He is filled with [and delivering of] MERCY.
  • He possesses a perfect sense and state of GRACE.
  • He is a GOOD God.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of INFINITY.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of ETERNITY.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE.
  • He possesses perfection in all factors of DISPENSING of anything.
  • He possesses perfection in TIMING of anything.
  • He possesses perfection in EXECUTION of any action.
  • He is perfectly TRUSTWORTHY.
  • He is perfectly FAITHFUL.
  • He possesses COMPASSION & is open to giving perfect FORGIVENESS.
  • He is ultimately SOVEREIGN.
  • He is perfectly, totally, and supremely POWERFUL…OMNIPOTENT.
  • He possesses complete and perfectly accurate OMNISCIENCE.
  • He is OMNIPRESENT…everywhere at all times; He is the PRESENT God.
  • He possesses perfect skill at REDEMPTION, RESTORATION, HEALING, and REGENERATION.
  • He is perfectly and completely PERSISTENT.
  • He possesses and executes perfect WISDOM.
  • He is JUST & possesses the only full and perfect source and sense of JUSTICE and JUDGMENT.
  • He is IMMUTABLE.
  • He is CONSISTENT and perfectly so.
  • Yet He is DISCERNIBLE.
  • He is the source of SALVATION.
  • He is a JEALOUS (zealous) God.
  • God can GRIEVE and SUFFER.
  • He can be VENGEANCE SERVING…”Vengeance is mine, sayeth The Lord.”
  • He can be DISMISSIVE and will ALLOW bad outcomes.
  • He is perfectly, expertly DECISIVE.
  • God is MAJESTIC.
  • He is AROUSABLE.
  • He is perfectly and fully SUFFICIENT to meet all our needs.
  • Being JUST and demanding of JUSTICE, He is willing to be ANGRY and WRATHFUL, and PUNISHING…if need be.

Beginning the process…

There is a process for forgiving someone you can’t talk to because of death or danger that helps bring healing. I went through that process several years ago and even though it took time for me to heal, it was wonderfully successful, Praise God!

Mary wrote a letter to her dad, explaining her side of it… how she felt and why she was so mad. She let out all her feelings in that letter and didn’t stop writing until she was completely empty of all the emotions and poisons that she bottled up for years. She then took the letter to her dads grave, read it to him and then left it there. After prayer and this simple act, she was now free.

For me, I had to write out a list of all the people that I had something against. I wrote down their offense(s) next to their name. After I was done, I went back through each one, taking them and their offense before Papa, telling Him that I chose to forgive them and asked Him to help me heal from it. My feelings of hurt, betrayal and even anger took time to subside and heal. Don’t mistake those natural feelings of hurt, thinking you didn’t really forgive, you did. It takes time for our feeling to catch up with our choices.

Here is an example of a prayer you can use in your process.

Father, (insert name) did (insert offense(s)) and made me feel so angry. I hated him for the longest time. It’s time to forgive him though. (Be honest with God here, get it all out. He knows it anyways) I willingly choose to forgive (insert name here) for what they did to me. Please help me heal and release all my negative feelings about them. I love you and thank you Papa. In Jesus name I ask. Amen

If you need further help, leave me a comment and we can talk privately, but really I think you will be just fine =]

Papa, I ask for those who want to forgive their offenders, I ask that you would help them to complete whatever process they must go through, whether they must talk directly to the person or deal with it themselves. Give them your guidance and fill their mouths with the right words of healing and love. Help them to be honest with You and with themselves. Provide complete restoration and healing. In Jesus name I ask. Amen!!


About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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