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Invisibility is a lie!

Ever feel invisible, like you don’t matter?  You do matter. Maybe not to that one person, but you do to God. His opinion of you is what matters!! “I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my … Continue reading

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Who Touched Me?

“Who Touched me?” was the question Jesus asked when an ill woman, a nobody, reached out for help. Luke 8:45. He felt His Power leave Him. Jesus was pressed and jostled by the crowds around Him yet He was aware of that … Continue reading

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Living For Jesus – Am I Inside Out?

I flew out of the house this morning to run an errand. I arrived at the store and took care of what I needed too and then spent a little time, window shopping. It wasn’t till I had passed a … Continue reading

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Our Victory In Jesus – Recognizing Spiritual Attacks

Last night‘s dinner at the Diner with my Hubby, daughter and her son, was the most uncomfortable time I’ve had in a very long while. I didn’t understand the feelings of uneasiness. I looked over at my daughter who had … Continue reading

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