You Are Headed For An Upgrade

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You Are Headed For An UPGRADE

What do I mean by that?

Yes it is true we have a body, just like a computer has a frame. And that body is important to a degree, as it has to look ok in its environment and it has to be of a size relative to its operational requirements or its design logistics.

But a computer, like you, is much more about the software than the hardware. The software, the programs, like your favorite word processor, media application, web host etc are all present inside the operating system which was also designed for you and your comfort, ease of use, and benefit.

Your “soul”, your “spirit” your “heart” are all exactly like software that runs in an operating system God designed to run inside our bodies, specifically our brain and its associative mechanisms. But our software is not reliant on the bodies presence, where as the body is most definitely reliant on the presence of its software.

Well, do you remember the first computer you ever owned?

It was amazing because it introduced you to the world of software, and the power that gave you in your life to do things that you couldn’t do prior to that.

Now note this one thing –

If you were to get a record-able DVD and weigh it before you recorded anything onto it, you would have the exact weight of that DVD, which for this arguments sake we will make 500grams?OK,

Now the DVD itself is HARDWARE, OK?

Ok now get the recording of a concert event, some 5000 people, a public address system weighing 20 tonnes, a building weighing 4,000,000 tonnes, and the earth weighing whatever, ok, run it for an hour and then record it to the DVD.

Now, after you have burned that event onto the DVD, you take it and weigh it, how much does it weigh?

It weighs 500 grams……exactly the same amount!

SOFTWARE IS WEIGHTLESS, like your consciousness, like your internal software, your mind, heart, spirit soul!

So, check this out, you are headed for an upgrade, just like you did when you brought your most recent computer and put the same software on it as the first computer you ever owned, except your latest computer runs at 100 times the speed as the first one you owned, it has a 3d card in it and it does all sorts of things that your first computer couldn’t do.


When you receive, when you “put on” or when you are given, your glorified body, you will be getting an upgrade that God has designed for the ONE HE LOVES, THE BRIDE, THE CHOICEST OF HIS GREAT GIFTS THAT HE HAS RESERVED FOR HIS PARTNER WHO WILL CO-HABIT WITH HIM IN ETERNITY.

Your software right now, today, is both weightless and eternal, your “self” the thing that makes you, “you”, guarantees your ownership of Gods FIRST design, which he subsequently had to “banzai” or “govern” because of the fatal toxin of sin that was guaranteed to be present in the “self” that was no longer able to be immediately connected to His Presence, His ZOE, His LIFE.

(The story of Genesis 1 alludes that God Himself provided light to the Earth before He created the Sun, His presence IS LIFE.)

But then there was given to you the promise of Christ, Gods only SON, that the acceptance of His (Jesus) body and blood as your savior, your ticket, your down-payment, your title deed to friendship with God (that He paid for, for you) would GUARANTEE AS ONLY GOD HIMSELF CAN GUARANTEE, you an upgrade, a divine sovereign upgrade of a design privy to HIM ALONE AT THIS TIME.

Get your imagination whirring on this, this is God we are talking about, Go to a zoo or a botanical garden, check out His already disclosed incredibleness with ideas and ingenious concepts and their physical existence!

Look at the giraffes heart and neck, the dolphins sonar just to name 2 from millions of design moments.



In CHRIST, (this is His promise to us) we are headed for one serious upgrade to our software and hardware, let this be among your celebrations today.

Little Cloud


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We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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One Response to You Are Headed For An Upgrade

  1. Jeannette says:

    Oh Little Cloud,You certainly have clarified a most superb bible doctrine,an analogy to appeal to the youth of today….of God’s great love and mercy toward’s us thru His Son our Lord and Savior,Jesus the Christ.You have blessed me…and His blessing will come back upon you.
    In His Love,
    Jeannette Webber

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