Guest Post – Testimony

Holy Spirit,

Today I am sharing with you Jeanette’s testimony, every word written by her with the love to share Jesus. As I read her testimony, I could see that Jeanette’s life has the fingerprint’s of Jesus all over it. He has his hand on our lives and directs them with love and the gentleness of His Spirit. I was truly blessed by her story and pray that you will be blessed as well…

Yes I really want to share my testimony with you and your reader’s.Where do I begin.?

Well I suppose at the beginning, which was about 25 years ago.I want first to say that I was married to the same man for forty years until I lost him in 2009.We raised five children and they were my happiest years of having and raising them.I had a very unhappy relationship with my mother for many years…its only now that I am whole,that I even have any understanding of her…then I was medicating myself with alcohol….we had no relationship for 10 years because my heart was hard due to the impending alcoholism.Oh yes I was saved absolutely,living in rebellion and doing my own thing.Well she died in 1998 and I had tried to reconcile with her through a letter that she refused to see me even though she knew she was dying.The funeral was horrible and I began to drink quite heavily at that time..I was 53 and running straight into a life and death struggle.Let me pause here and say that Abba gave me two warning’ from my doctor and one from the pulpit(when I would go)..low and behold my day of reckoning was fast approaching.It was October 24,2001,I was to have an endoscopy because I was feeling very ill.Little did I know how ill….I went down like a ton of bricks..all at once I was in end stage liver failure…i was very jaundiced in the beginning but that was nothing compared to the suffering my rebellion caused me.I experienced in 10 months every end-stage liver symptom except I never had the toxins build up in my brain where you don’t even know your name.But I went down to 83 lbs was tapped 4 times in 4 months and was evaluated for a new liver in 2002…here is the amazing miracle of my life….on and around my birthday Aug 8,2002,it was the tenth month of my illness(10 is the Lord’s number for discipline I’ve been told)anyway I woke that morning feeling different…good different…I had no pain or familiar nausea that I had lived with.I actually felt almost good.Well in Sept of 02 my evaluation was complete and they called me to tell me that I wasnt sick enough to be listed and my response was I don’t want to be on the list anyway…they assured me they would keep in touch(ha ha)and I never heard from them again and I began a journey of recovery that was so wonderful and full of His love mercy loving-kindness forgiveness and any other wonderful word we can think of.I truly was born again physically… one thought I would make it,my pcp doctor who really knew me said that I renewed his faith in miracles.Ok Im on the road to recovery in 02 and it was slow for me to come back weight wise,but I was so full of the Holy Spirit’s gift of healing I can’t describe in words how renewed and young I felt.Everyone around me knew it was THE LORD which thrilled me to give Him praise for all He did for me when I deserved to be taken out prematurely!I was and still am totally delivered and am back walking with Him as best I can and love Him more each day for how He has seen me through some very hard times.I still have family problems,I am a widow who misses her man a lot,but the Lord has been so good to me I cannot complain about anything really.I just want to thank and praise Him again publicly for His great mercies toward me.Thank you Veronica for allowing me to share,I love to tell all that each day is a “do-over”and its never too late to call upon Him.
In His Love,


About Ostara Schultz

Stephen & Ostara Schultz are a Mother/Son duo who are modern medicine healers known as the ‘Spiritual Chefs’. use kitchen analogies to teach how to become their own spiritual Five Star Chef, learning new transformational dishes to release Stale, Icy, old recipes of blocks, resistance and emotional triggers. They teach how to remodel the space they create from and cook up special and delightful life-banquets they’d like to experience and enjoy. They’ve ridden through their own Dark Night of the Soul when they experienced family disowning them, foreclosures, car accidents, near death experiences, drugs and the Complete Dissolution of Life as they knew it… as with any Initiation, this experience just prepared them to now support You… To walk through fire alongside you, to work through any issue or challenge by shamanically unwinding the brambles of spiritual and physical trauma and unlocking the Practical Solutions that have been hidden from You. They now live in the San Joaquin Valley with Eric, Stephen’s dad who is also Ostara’s husband on Life Purpose and puppies. Together they are helping people to create a signature sovereign lifestyle budding with abundance in love, spiritual gifts, money and all the self’s i.e. self-confidence, self-assurance, self-love to name a few. They inspire other heart centered entrepreneurs to align their businesses to a new paradigm of 5D consciousness. Ostara and Eric has a healthy sovereign daughter Lauren, who is happily married to Kyle, whom is absolutely adored by the Schultz’s, two grandchildren with one on the way, they are truly blessed. Reach out to them, they’d love to meet you. Stockton Ca, USA Email: Facebook Ostara Facebook Stephen Facebook: The Spiritual Chefs
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