Ok I am sitting here staring at this blank page wondering what in the world I am going to share. I looked up at my daughter who had joined me at the table with her lap top and asked, what could I blog about. Not that I thought she really had any idea’s, but to my surprise and with no delay, she blurted out “Pokemon”. I laughed and thought how silly. But then the thought hit me (in keeping with my theme), “Pokeman gets an attitude change” Pokemon reveals heart values” and I couldn’t stop laughing and wondering who might my audience be, if I really intended to write about the cute little guy.

Well, now I guess I do have to say something about him, well not really about the actual Pokemon but about my grandson who was dresses up as Pokemon for the Fanime Event in San Jose. He took the hearts and the cheers of the crowds who had visited and won first prize in cuteness.

My grandson, has taken my heart and not because he is just so adorably cute… but because… well darn… I don’t really have a reason why and I suppose I don’t need one. Which reminds me of Pokemon’s catch phrase, Pokemon, “Gotta catch ’em all!”. I don’t need any more than the one I’ve got – he’s the absolute best Pokemon of all!

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.  ~David Carradine

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. cummings


About Veronica Schultz aka The Soul Whisperer

Veronica Schultz is The Soul Whisperer. Her career spans over 25+ years as Entrepreneur, Reverend, Ministerial Counselor, Mentor, Life and Breakthrough Coach, Author, Teacher, Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Veronica’s journey of personal transformation started at the very early age of 4 with her first vision. This called her to discover her connection to the human spirit, the body’s dynamic energy system, and how it connects with our behavior, health, spiritual truths and intuitive insights. With this revelation, she stepped into her calling as The Soul Whisperer, a coach for very unique souls. These unique souls function well in life but often feel separate from others. They lean heavily towards holistic healing, love, intuition, warmth, the inner self, and spirit and how they all connect with the world around them. They are connectors and transformers – people with a vision. They have unique gifts and may not understand how to bring their value to the world. As The Soul Whisperer, she offers a fresh outlook on how to break free from the bonds of inner struggles that hinder this unique gifting. Her guidance in discovering their inner connection is invaluable. She knows how to make what seems complex look simple and doable. Countless times she has helped individuals connect with their identity. Identity is a vital part of one’s life because any spiritual disconnection can lead to the manifestation of physical illness. Her words of love, inspiration, and encouragement combined with her prayers and affirmations build a foundation of worth that will never be erased. She is a blessing and an angel. She has experienced emotional and spiritual burdens that only one can imagine and thus understands compassion. She is truly the SOUL Whisperer!
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One Response to p-p-p-pokemon

  1. Jeannette says:

    Hi Veronica,
    Now that is an adorable Pokemon…when I look into the eyes of my youngest grandson,Julian who will be 4 in May I can see the joy and innocence of the very young.Sometimes he comes off with comments that crack us all up…like,”you’re driving me crazy and making me nervous!”Now of course he’s heard that from some adult and his parents are separated so we cant blame anyone in particular..lol…it was probably mema…that’s me….I am so thankful to our sweet Lord who has given me all that He has to give…take care and God bless…Jeannette

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