A Deeper Look – Turning Relationship Woes into Success

Blue – sensitive and authentic

I had trouble with this post. It deleted and warbled on me twice. Twice I had to re-do it *sighs*  and have caught a few errors. I’m still wondering if I missed some… so if you should see any errors, please let me know.

I had wonderful feedback about the last article I wrote on understanding ourselves and others. Many of you expressed interest in knowing more, so for the last week, I’ve been preparing this article. Please consider leaving a comment below, letting me know what you have discovered about you. Thanks!

BLUE Blue Blue… Are you Blue?

Blues- sensitivity!

Understanding personalities is a great help in interacting with others successfully. When I first learned about personalities, I fell into the trap of thinking that I could categorize anyone. I realized that is was much more complex than that, that learning these traits only gives me a baseline to work from. There are a variety of things that happen in one’s life – influences, circumstances, abuse, decisions, etc… – that can change bits or large pieces of who someone becomes. However, knowing this is still a great tool.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am Blue. My secondary color is Orange and I have picked up some Green traits from the training and influence I’ve received. It is my opinion that out of all the colors, Blue has the hardest time figuring out life because of the emotions and guilt we are built with. We are controlled by and often make the mistake of making decisions by our emotions.

Color personalities have pairs and opposites. Imagine a teeter totter. On one side sits Orange and Blue and on the other, site Green and Gold. Why do I place them like this… because I want to get the idea across that Blues and Oranges have more in common with each other and are opposites of the Green and Gold’s, which have commonalities.

Blues make up about 12% of the population. They enjoy a harmonious environment and are driven by feelings and emotions. They are the most committed and loyal out of the colors. They are Artistic and hate conflict. My girlfriend is a Blue and she avoids conflict like the plague. She’s become a master of shutting down conversation if it looks like it’s heading that direction.

They are the chameleons of the four colors, which means in order to preserve a personal relationship or to be what others want them to be, they will adapt to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Because guilt plays a powerful role in their life, they spend their life seeking identity.. This makes me think about the movies I’ve watched when in a particular scene someone asks “where so and so?”, and the reply? “They left to go find themselves.”

On the other hand they are sympathetic, cooperative and interactive. Blues thrive on the encouragement and recognition others give them… which often causes Blues to say “yes” to more than they should. They are authentic, optimistic, caretakers, passionate and true romantics.

Others may see Blues as: Emotional, sensitive, mushy, easily persuaded, too trusting, too soft, too giving and illogical.

Some professions that interest Blues are: Psychologists, School Counselors, Coaches, Social Scientists, Journalists, Editors, Teachers, Ministers, Actors, HR Managers etc…

I have found the emotional part of my Blue to have been a hindrance in my relationships as well as a strength. I was just telling my hubby this morning that a relationship needs to have a solid and steady foundation. The emotional up and downs do not provide this. However, not to get too much off topic, I want to add that my husband being a Green, does add the steady and solid foundation our relationship needs. He completes me. His strengths fill in where my weaknesses are which brings us right back to the teeter totter picture I talked about earlier and recognizing the wisdom in this quote – “Opposites attract”!

I have been learning how to respond differently from those things the parts of Blue that are a hindrance.

  • Learning to think logically instead of with emotions
  • Learning how to be myself rather than a chameleon and this means accepting others just as they are too!
  • Learning how to handle conflict in a healthy way and learning how to say “NO”

You know, learning is a process that goes on for a lifetime and I thank God that I have the ability to always be learning.

Gold – focused direction

GOLD Gold Gold… Are you Gold?

Gold – Duty!

Driven by responsibility, they are accomplishment oriented. They value order, preparedness and dislike clutter. Most likely we’d find a Golds house in order, everything in its place, clean, neat and tidy, their work environment very much the same.

They’re perceived as focused and always looking serious and concerned. Golds need to feel in control and are often accused of being pushy and bossy. Golds notice disorder and are bothered by it. They move to set it right. They are the friends that will lean over to you to pick lint off your clothing.

They make about 38% of the general US population and the true quest of a Gold is accuracy, organization and thoroughness! It is important for Golds to belong and are super dependable. Stability, loyalty and decisiveness are part of who they are. They often make them great Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Medical DoctorsAccountants and Bank Officers to name a few.

Golds believe that if it isn’t broken, there is no need to fix it. They also have many sets of should and should-nots. Their beliefs are often black and white. They cherish home and family traditions and they feel they are showing they care by ensuring that everyone is doing what is right. They usually do an excellent job handling the budget, money and finances of the home – although they can come across as a miser when it comes to spending on what they deem as frivolous.

Golds are often more successful of all the colors in careers. They come across as rigid, inflexible and resistant to change. If someone in your group is always giving their opinion, it’s usually a Gold.

Closure is important to them and they have a hard time moving on without it. My Gold friend experienced a painful relationship break-up. Even a year later, she kept telling me that she needed closure. I remember telling her, “That she must provide her own closure, he moved on, refused anymore communication and was not going to offer it”. It was hard for her to let it go. She eventually lost her job and sunk pretty deep before she was able to finally move on. Btw… She is doing great now!

Golds and Oranges seem real good for each other. The Golds keep the Oranges grounded, focused and financially responsible and the Oranges bring a vivacious and energetic life to a Gold.

 ORANGE Orange Orange… Are you Orange?

Orange – flamboyant peacock

Orange – action and freedom

My son is a Orange. I love the Oranges vivacious love for life, but need to help him stay grounded. Oranges make up about 38% of the general population and their true quest is action and freedom! Routine will pull them down.

Oranges are fun-loving, joyful, impulsive, realistic and flexible. Because they are action orientated, they are great in a crisis situation.

Spontaneity and adventure are their best friends. Oranges love doing what makes them feel good and are risk takers. Oranges love parties, traveling and social get-togethers. It takes a mature and grown-up Orange to balance responsibility and fun, as they’d prefer to have fun all the time.

They dislike being told what to do, tests limits and enjoys challenge! Oranges often leave projects unfinished, get bored easily and loves to procrastinate.

Advertising Specialists, Dance Teachers, Actors, Public Speakers, Athletes and Comedians are but a few careers Oranges drift towards. Oranges are like a McGyver, good at many things and a Jack of All Trades. People love Oranges. They are the personality in the group, the funny and lovable one.

With my son, the Orange, I have to be careful not limit or control him. He resists and fights every time. I have found that he has a good head on his shoulders, trusting him and giving him his space, gives me a great relationship with him. Oranges seem to be loyal to who they are with. It takes time for them to learn how to be grounded with their loyalties to those they love the most, while enjoying those they are with. My son is open to changes, quicker than I am, while Golds resist change. Oranges are also unorganized and messy. My son seems to know where everything is, even though all I see is mess.

While Oranges and Blues are most productive in informal environments, Golds are most productive in the opposite.

Green – cautious wise kitten

GREEN Green Green… Are you Green?

 Green -ingenuity and strategy

My husband and daughter’s main colors are Green. I’ve had the hardest time understanding Greens, probably because they are my opposite and very private people. About 12% of the general US population would be categorized as Green. They appreciate their personal and private space and resist invasive tactics.

Greens are technologically oriented and intellectually curious which spurs them on to want to know and analyze. They love to learn and solve. They also like a good argument or debate and are usually great at winning them. They are very independent and argumentative. They enjoy complexity and they create competitions against themselves and others. They are seen as architects of change. Their visionary views often guide those they work with.

Greens are known for their respect of principle and knowledge as well as their objective perceptions. I often confer with a Green on issues that need more objective perception than I may be able to give.

Greens do not like the lime light as Oranges and Blues do, but prefer to be the voice behind the curtain and are happy to be validated by their wisdom.

Greens make great Attorney’s, Actors, Engineers, Psychologists, FBI Agents, Anthropologist, Computer Programmer, Writers, Physicians, TV News Casters to name a few.

Greens are complex and competent. They experience deep feelings, however, do not show them openly. Greens are careful who they bring close to their hearts and deepest secrets. Once trust is lost with a Green, it is difficult to earn it back.

Greens are cool, calm and collected. I’ve told my husband that he is like the Ocean, always there, very deep and powerful! I depend upon my hubby to keep me balanced and grounded.

In my immediate family, we have 2 Green/Orange, 2 Blue/Orange and 1 Orange. We have yet to see what my grandson will be. We accent and complete each other well. If my son ever finds a significant other, the chances of that person being a Gold is high. I look forward to this color being added to our mix, as they will help with area’s we are weak in – like organization and finances!

Red – Bold

RED Red Red… Are you Red?

Red – driven and goal oriented

There is another color I haven’t yet taught on. It is the color Red. I have a cousin who is Red and she is a Doctor for women having high risk pregnancies. She is terrific at what she does and saves many lives.

I’m not as familiar with Reds as I am with the other colors, but what I do know is that Reds are our Specialized Doctors, high profile people and Athletes and have personalities that antagonize others. They are highly intelligent and thrive on working things out as a group is in discussion on the topic. To me, “House” the tv show about the Doctor, is a Red. They are usually thought of as a jerk.

I would love to hear what you have discovered about yourself. If you don’t mind, please leave me a comment and share.



P.s. If you found this article helpful or interesting, please consider sharing it! Thanks.

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