You are the only YOU ever!

Being me!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. What you are about to read is the struggle I’ve had for the past few weeks. I lost my footing just a wee bit, but am getting it back. Life is never going to be easy. As we face new challenges, experiences and feel our borders being stretched, it’s not uncommon to have to readjust ourselves. These events however, do not define us. They simply reveal that we are growing and moving in the right direction.  I hope you are inspired by my short share!

As I continue to renew my mind daily, to be grateful about everything, to believe in the gifts within me, to believe with certainty that everything is working out for the best and that my journey is about to explode into wonders, to be spirited, confident and trusting… I find that some days, a fight brews within as my mind tries to settle back into its previous state.

And then I remind myself, who ever said life is without effort? It takes effort to breathe, to eat, to do all the daily things we do without even thinking about it; it’s going to take effort to BE (I should STOP right here, because “TO BE” is a powerful statement in of itself) only those things that are of value to us and others. We cannot go through life, expecting wonderful things to return to us, if our minds are solely centered on ourselves. We must make it a top priority to do for others more than they would ever expect us too. A great leader knows the excellence and lives by the creed of a servant’s heart.

As I wrote … “It’s going to take effort to BE” the power that went through me was incredible. We should just BE! Instead of being who we are, we appear to others as abstract and confusing. Really, how beneficial can we be in life this way! We are created to be. Whether we’ve allowed others to define who we are or we’ve ended up that way by circumstance, it’s time to put a stop to it. Sure it may take time to renew our mind. The same amount of time has been given to all of us. But it’s up to us to make the most of what we’ve been given. Don’t delay. Start right now.

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About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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One Response to You are the only YOU ever!

  1. Jeannette says:

    Hello again Veronica,
    I especially liked this blog,its power packed with simplicity.My last few months have been up and down also,Ive had two terrible shock’s,a friend that I worked with for a long time died very suddenly of a heart attack,no previous physical problems,and even more tragic(I say that only because this friend had at least lived life)my son’s best friend and our families best friend’s 18 year old daughter was found dead in her bed last friday!No drug’s or alcohol,this was a sweet only child of my dear Michael and Michelle’s.She would have graduated in these next two weeks…this is a parent’s worst nightmare and one that I always pray that Abba will not require it of me…’s rollar coaster ride is not always pleasant,no better than that,life hurts alot sometimes and if we didnt have Him,there would be no hope.Please pray for this family….Im not sure what the mom believes but I pray that they seek our Savior,I know prayer is all around them and His mercy is from generation unto generation to those who fear Him.
    Thanks again Veronica for helping me to see things that I wouldnt if it werent for the Lord blessing your ministry.Maranatha,Jeannette

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