The Power of Words

Jesus Christ says, “I say unto you that every idle word that men speak, they shall give an account thereof in the day of judgment, for by your word shall you be condemned”.

We only have one judge – our word.

Every day we reap what we sow. I was taught that judgment would come at the end of our lives, but as I look back in my life I can see how I’ve attracted the positive as well as the negative experiences, happiness and disaster through my words and my thoughts. We love to joke; we love humor and love to laugh. But we are not careful about the way we do it. We joke and make fun destructively about ourselves and about others, criticize and demean others and guess what…. our subconscious hears it all. It doesn’t have a sense of humor and takes everything seriously. It is always listening to us, guiding us, sending us signals and making life happen for us.

Every time we talk, we are creating a mental picture that impresses the subconscious, which inevitably works out on the external.

I remember having the hardest time waking up for high school. I always slept through my alarm and many times I would be left with 5 minutes to get out of the house to make it on time and that’s if I ran or I’d be late!

I didn’t know where it came from at the time, but I got this idea that if I told my mind that I needed to wake up by a certain time, it would follow my instructions. So the night before, I spoke to myself repeatedly that I would wake up by the time I desired, and I was exact… so let’s say for example, 6:30am. An amazing thing happened. I woke up within 1 minute of the time I chose. Now I should’ve understood about the power of words by that powerful experience, however, it took me years before I began to grasp the concept.

Those who understand the power of the word and have seen it’s affects upon us, become very careful of their speech. Words have a vibration that affects our subconscious and goes out into the universe affecting others and making things happen for us. Life and death come as we call it. Look back in your life, can you see that speaking while angry and bitter has brought destruction and hardship to you and others? What a huge mistake we make to speak while being angry.

When I speak to my husband or children while being angry, my mouth takes on a life of its own and says things I soon regret. Rarely does anything ever get resolved from that. I’ve learned that anger means there is an underline cause happening within me. Once I’ve taken the time to discover this, conversations are healthy and the emotions are steady.

The vibrations our words sends out, attracts that which is common to it. (Birds of a feather flock together) Like-kind hangs with like-kind. Those who continually speak of being sick and diseased, invariably attract sickness and disease.

There was a time in my life I used to think about being sick. Being sick consumed my thoughts because I found having a victim mentality was a great way to get attention. It just so happened that this was a horrible time in my life. I was sick all the time and as much as I hated that, I didn’t know how to get attention in a healthy way. As I learned and grew into knowing healthier ways to get attention, I stopped thinking sick and started thinking healthy. I began to enjoy life and the health my body gave me.

Invisible forces are always at work for us and we are the creator of the force. How many of us are still growing to understand this or are not even aware of it yet? The Bible tells us that “Life and Death are in the power of the tongue”. What about the power of the words in healing! We tend to think of physical healing, but emotional and relational healing is just as important to remember. Yet so many of us are speaking destructively all day and into the night, bringing a death to the things all around us and within us.

I was listening to the radio and changed channels. I stopped to listen when I heard a Doctor begin to talk about health and it’s correlation to our belief system. He shared his stories, one after another. He was saying that many of his cancer patients struggled with bitter, negative and angry thoughts continuously throughout their days. He began to treat their bodies at the same time he treated their belief system. And as they learned the power of words and began to change the way they spoke and thought, their bodies got better as their belief systems did. Now I know many Doctors will bah humbug at this, but I believe it. I believe the health of our words, our belief system and our thoughts have a direct correlation to our physical and emotional health.

So now that we know about the power of Words, why not make the changes in our lives. Aren’t we worth it? Don’t we deserve to be happy and healthy? Aren’t we worth the effort it will take to make these changes? Of course we are!

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About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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One Response to The Power of Words

  1. Jeannette says:

    Hi Veronica,
    I agree totally with what you said..Words,oh how they can build up or tear down,the power we all have for good or evil is mind boggling.Maranatha,Jeannette

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