Recently, in one of my coaching sessions, I asked this question…

“What emotions do you experience when you consider approaching new people for business or friendship?”

They said, “I experience embarrassment”. I was about to say something when I heard the Whispers of my Soul hushing me to listen. I was led to look up ‘Embarrassment’ in the dictionary. We both got close to the computer and looked as the screen loaded the word Embarrassment.




[em-baruhs]  Show IPA

–verb (used with object)

  1. 1.to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious; disconcert;


Many of us have thought it was cute when we see a child who is shy and embarrassed. Knowing the definition of embarrassment has certainly changed my views on this, as it did the one I was with. Shame and confusion are not positive life valuing attributes. No one need ever feel this way! I sensed how it was changing both our views on this. I am always amazed at how questions can change the world!

My last article delivered a powerful message about our stance in life, which I referred to it as “The Warrior of Life”  Our stance as a warrior bears a striking resemblance to our men in a combat zone. Alert and protective. Our mind is part of the territory we protect. Our inner dialogue is an important part of us. If we are feeding it corrupt and negative thoughts, it is going to produce those fruits in our lives.

How could it change your life if you implemented the attribute of positive thoughts in your life, developing a thought pattern that would value you?

Thoughts are one of the biggest area’s we all deal with and it’s imperative to know that when we’re learning something new, feeling frustration, falling down and even feeling unbalanced is part of a life of change. I know that sometimes life get’s hard and it feels like we don’t have the strength to keep going, to pick up and start again, but we do. If we do not get up, we’re going to stay down and that’s not really where any of us want to be. Do not cast your will and strength aside, instead pull it close to you and treasure it. To believe we don’t have the strength and will power to get up again is a lie! We do! We have the strength and the power to achieve anything we put our mind and will too. We have the will power to keep going and to try again. We have the ability to win in this life. I am not a quitter and neither are YOU!

Nick Vujicic is an amazing man, has accomplished amazing things and has a powerful message of perseverance.


If anyone could’ve let life get him down, it could’ve been Nick. He learned the importance of keeping a positive inner dialogue and he is a great “Warrior of Life”!

Claim victory for yourself! Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t! If you keep persevering, it won’t be long before you find yourself dancing through the storms of life with a smile on your face and others asking you, where do you get your joy from!!

 If this article inspired you, please consider sharing it with those you know and associate with. Thanks for the bottom of my heart!








About Ostara Schultz

Stephen & Ostara Schultz are a Mother/Son duo who are modern medicine healers known as the ‘Spiritual Chefs’. use kitchen analogies to teach how to become their own spiritual Five Star Chef, learning new transformational dishes to release Stale, Icy, old recipes of blocks, resistance and emotional triggers. They teach how to remodel the space they create from and cook up special and delightful life-banquets they’d like to experience and enjoy. They’ve ridden through their own Dark Night of the Soul when they experienced family disowning them, foreclosures, car accidents, near death experiences, drugs and the Complete Dissolution of Life as they knew it… as with any Initiation, this experience just prepared them to now support You… To walk through fire alongside you, to work through any issue or challenge by shamanically unwinding the brambles of spiritual and physical trauma and unlocking the Practical Solutions that have been hidden from You. They now live in the San Joaquin Valley with Eric, Stephen’s dad who is also Ostara’s husband on Life Purpose and puppies. Together they are helping people to create a signature sovereign lifestyle budding with abundance in love, spiritual gifts, money and all the self’s i.e. self-confidence, self-assurance, self-love to name a few. They inspire other heart centered entrepreneurs to align their businesses to a new paradigm of 5D consciousness. Ostara and Eric has a healthy sovereign daughter Lauren, who is happily married to Kyle, whom is absolutely adored by the Schultz’s, two grandchildren with one on the way, they are truly blessed. Reach out to them, they’d love to meet you. www.spiritualchefs.com hello@spiritualchefs.com Stockton Ca, USA Email: hello@spiritualchefs.com Facebook Ostara Facebook Stephen Facebook: The Spiritual Chefs
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