Working on a new you!

Anxiety and fear is behind most diseases. Fear and anxiety triggers cortisol which after some process causes cell death.

I do not know when it started for me, all the self rejection and self-hatred, I’m sure as a little girl. We live with it for so long that we think living with these beliefs are normal. When in reality, it has been a strategic lie from the enemy. Fear and anxiety, after a period of time, creates 15 or so different diseases all stemming from our immune system being compromised. Jesus came to give us peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Why do we lean to believe the opposite? Why do we believe the lie rather than the truth! Live! I say live in Jesus Name! Choose life and live.

In the name of Jesus and by the precious blood of Jesus I command the spirit of fear and anxiety to leave you. Be broken off you and your life! I speak the peace of Jesus Christ into your life down to your very cells.

Remember, Jesus has work for you to do here. If you die too soon… He is going to ask you why you are there at heaven when he needed you here in your generation. He has work for you to do. Give up the fear… There is nothing God can’t and will not do for you. Get yourself before Him today in gratitude and love and thank Him for the peace, the healing, the goodness He has for you.


About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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