Release Your Potential

Release Your Potential  

We feel so much potential in us. Have you ever felt, “There is so much I want to give, so much I want to share with the world, I have so much love to give and thoughts to express that could change people’s lives” Have you ever felt this?

We all feel this potential inside us. We were created to give to the world that which has been gifted inside us. So why is that we don’t move into this potential? We know we have it in us and we know what we should be doing… we get sparks of excitement, surges of energy, boosts of desire, yet we slink back in that which is comfortable.

Off and on through our lives you have encountered situations and words spoken to you that has caused you to hide a part of yourself, because you were made to feel less than. You were struck with feelings of shame and decided to hide that part of yourself, so the pain of this shame wouldn’t happen again. You experienced disapproval from someone you admire, love or respect and pulled back to play it safe. All the pulling back you did was to protect that part of you from experiencing pain again.

What is that stops you, what is it that blocks you from moving ahead? You see others experiencing their dreams and giving to the world, like the sports players, singers, actors People like Bill Gates, Oprah. You know you are supposed to be able to do the same…

So, what really stops you from experiencing what your heart longs to do? What is stopping you from expressing yourself fully, from reaching your full potential?

Even though you may have all the information to do this, something is blocking you!

Sometimes you know what you should be doing and yet you do the complete opposite. You know what you should do and you know what you shouldn’t do and you’re not doing any of that.  You’re not even taking your own advice.

You’ve developed personas and built layers of who you think you should be so you would experience love and acceptance. You’ve learned this survival mechanism. You go through life holding tight this version of yourself that you now know as you. All of your experiences get filtered through your nervous system. They are then interpreted into thoughts and then actions of what needs to be done. Those painful interpretations funnel into actions of withdrawal and hiding, while happy interpretations are free flowing, allowed and sought after again and again.

The more you have stuff blocking you, resentments, unforgiveness, pain, embarrassments, shame , anger, the more you are less able to interpret situations with clarity. This box that you build is not an intentional box, however, once built, it is hard to crawl out of it without some type of perceptional help to see things with clarity.

You may not even realize that you live in a box, and yet in your mind you think you are free. But in actuality, you’re stuck, confused and unable to break free.

And what’s important to realize is that you’ve convinced yourself that you are free and only because it hurts less to deceive yourself that you are.

So what if you could stop deceiving yourself and start to really live free? Free from the box that you’ve been hiding all those marvelous gifts in.

Today is a new day for you! Yesterday and all those words are a part of your past that will no longer cringe upon your present and future. It’s time to let go of those people and words that cause you to be less than your best. You deserve to be a part of the beautiful world and this beautiful world deserves you to be a part of it. So, step out into your calling. Step forth in those gifts you were born with.

It’s time to forgive yourself and it’s time to forgive God. It’s time to forgive those that have hurt you. Forgiveness releases you to move forward. Forgiveness is not for anyone else. Why forgive God? Because in your mind, He wasn’t there for you! In your mind, He didn’t protect you. Even though He did nothing wrong, in your mind He did. He taught me this lesson and I had to walk through this forgiveness process as well.

Your true self is not those things to have kept you down, you are so much more than that. Your true self is deeper than all those things and is just waiting for you to give it permission to come forth. Be bold today, and give yourself permission to heal, to forgive, to move forward. Today, you can be better than you were yesterday. Today you can step into that which has been yearning to come forth. Today you can give yourself permission to be who you truly are without fear of being disapproved. Those who have disapproved of you, did so out of ignorance. They are hurt themselves and can’t see perfection standing right before them.

Today give yourself permission to release all those things that have stopped you and when the fear or anxiety arrives to pull you back to that place of safety, acknowledge those feelings and tell yourself that you are ok. You no longer are going to be ruled by them. Those feeling no longer serve you and then do exactly the opposite those feelings have always lead you to do.


About Veronica Schultz

We work with female entrepreneurs who are being held back by constantly putting other’s needs before their own. We show them how to create boundaries and build healthier relationships so they can live the life they truly desire.
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One Response to Release Your Potential

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Veronica,My name is Chris, i don’t know if you remember me, but i met you a while back. You came into the restaurant where i work, Chilis in Tracy. We spoke and you were so inspiring to me with your words of WISDOM and HOPE, after you left i felt so inspired!!! GOD has truly blessed you with a special gift!!! I was reading my bible right now and i came across a small piece of paper that you left me that day and it said “come join me as i write about “In our quietest moments” with Papa God” It had your website info and i just watched your video on Release your Potential, WOW girl you Hit the nail on the head for me. Everything you said felt like you were talking just to me!!! It made me cry, cuz it’s so true!!! Thank- You Veronica for sharing your GOD inspired words of Love and Forgiveness!!! It is such a great way to start my day !!! Time to get rid of that OLD BOX!!!(SMILE) xoxoxoxoxo, Chris.

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