About Me

Veronica Schultz, “The Soul Whisperer” lives in the S. F. Bay Area with her Husband Eric, Stephen their son, their daughter Lauren and her family.

“Just Me”

January 27, 2011

My family is everything to me. Being a grandma is the greatest! My grandson calls me Memaw. I love comfy clothes, flip flops and being bare foot. I have a killer pirate outfit! Rainy days are peaceful and fall is my favorite season. Oddly enough, I grew 1 inch after turning 23. I have to buy petite pants or its hem drags on the ground. I’m allergic to wheat and gum. I think my head is larger than my husband’s, but I’m not any smarter. Maybe what my mom said is true, that some of my brains leaked out of my ear while I was sleeping. I’m a fan of chocolate but even more so of brown rice noodles. Shopping is not my favorite past time so Walmart is convenient. I once owned 96 rabbits. At all times, I lug a purse on my back the size of a small planet. Insomnia is awful, but my electric blanket is great.When someone loses their stomach, I gag. I adore the smell of the air after it rains. I enjoy my alone time. I don’t think I have an aversion to anything, but dislike many things. Being creative with the camera is a hobby. I love the sounds of nature. I adore how instrumental music makes me feel. I have to eat a whole can of olives once a year. A perfect date with my hubby includes the Wharf at night and sharing a cup of coffee. Once in a while I get a hankering for a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. I wonder when the back half of my eyebrows will grow back. I’m an avid fan of learning new things and reading. I love to write and started journaling back in 1989. I love to inspire others to greatness. The mega iPad is on my wish list. Dinner and a movie is a favorite of mine. I’m always changing, so will “Just Me” as I do.

How I became the Soul Whisperer

From a young age perhaps 6 or 7 years old, I was taught to observe people…to read not only body language, but something more profound than simple postures.  I was taught to read the inner signs behind the body language…I was learning to read inside people, see what they truly wanted.  As my ability to read people developed I discovered that I could read…or more accurately…hear something deeper still.  I realized I could hear their souls.  Now this should simply be the end of my story, but like life, it is much more complicated than that.  While this wonderful and useful education was happening, something else was being taught to me as well, conformity.  Like most of us, I fell into the well intentioned brainwashing of who I must be, what I must do and how I must behave.  Do as you are told and be who we say you should be and you will be happy.  This was the furthest thing from the truth, but too often, none of us discover this until it is almost too late.

As I reached each of the independence defining stages in life…adolescent to early-teen, early-teen to teenager, teenager to young adult, etc… I would be pressured to conform…well, in truth, manipulated through guilt.  At each of these milestones, instead of breaking away and defining myself as an individual…I’d give in…and unwittingly lose my chance to become me.  I would be who “they” thought I should be, I would conform; although I was given every assurance of happiness by doing what was expected.  I found myself sad, confused and lost.  Not surprisingly, with my increased conformity came a decreased ability to read people, which eventually lead to being unable to read people entirely.  What I was once taught and had become good at was now forgotten and possibly lost.

Life continued…

I married my high school sweetheart; we bought a house, had children, and built two successful businesses.  We even managed to start a non-profit ministry and purchase more properties…we were living “the dream”.  The truth, however, was that I was simply living up to the expectations of conformity pressed upon me from my youth.  I was happy…I believed I was happy…I was assured I should be happy…but why did I feel empty?  Unaware that my life could be different, unaware of how to change things even if I knew that I should, I resigned myself to feelings of emptiness and sadness.

John Lennon wrote that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  That is what I was doing…busily making plans, not realizing that life was about to “happen” to me.  Life had a series of events in store for me that would change me, my circumstances, everything.  The first event involved my mother.  I don’t even really remember the circumstances of the situation, but I remember coming away feeling anger towards her…and not just an anger from what had occurred, but an anger from somewhere deeper within, something bottled up inside.  I even realized my anger extended towards my sister…maybe even my entire family.

Life continued…

Confused by these feelings, I began to search for answers.  I didn’t like how I had become estranged from my Mom, my Dad, Sister and Brother.  My search for answers led me to a life coach who would help open my eyes, albeit a small amount.  He helped me to recognize that I was living a life not of my choosing, living a lie and leading a life of conformity.  For the first time I noticed how out of focus and blurred my life was, however, this new found realization didn’t resolve anything.  It fact it only affirmed my feelings that something felt terribly wrong, that I was angry at my Mom, and no clue how to repair any of it.

Changes in life will happen with or without our consent.  If we don’t choose how the changes occur, they will happen anyway, usually in a manner as inconvenient and painful as possible.  Changes came at me and my immediate family hard and fast and without mercy.  It began around the end of 2008, as the economy took a down turn, our business suffered and we struggled to keep it limping along.  Soon after, the housing markets crashed and before we knew it, our properties went into foreclosure.  Yet change was not done with us.  Everyone in our household lost their jobs.  Relationships within my immediate family ruptured, my husband and I grew apart.  During the height of all our troubles, he told me he no longer wanted me and we soon separated, though we still occupied the same home.

Life continued…

I was lost and looking for another path, any path, and an online friend I had made 6 months previous to the start of these events seemed to be the answer.  I had met him 6 months prior to the start of our troubles.  What started out as friendly banter while playing games, turned into joking and mild flirtation, which finally gave in to very personal exchanges.  As my world crumbled around me, he began providing the emotional support that I was lacking and needed.  I began to feel closer and more intimate with this “other” man…so much so, that I began to believe I was falling in love with him.

I found myself prepared to fly across the country to be with a man who I only knew through the internet.  I wanted to start a new life…leave this old broken one behind… a life that was as bad as it could be.  Yet something deep inside had began to “whisper” to me…trying to guide me, but while I heard the sound, I couldn’t hear the words.  Looking back it is clear to me that there was a reason I hadn’t even started packing my bags.  Here I was the night before my flight to a new life and I hadn’t packed one item of clothing.  I guess I should have realized something was about to happen, that change was not done with, that tragedy was about to fall.  And fall it did…it came in the form of my son, Stephen, being involved in a life threatening car accident.  And though I was blessed that he didn’t lose his life, he did end up with two shattered legs.  My trip to a new life was put on hold so that I could care for my son.

Life continued…

Not a month after my son’s accident, I was told by my daughter, Lauren, that she was pregnant.   This should have been cause for joy.  However, her OB/GYN told Lauren she had a form of HPV that would eventually lead to cancer.  My life and sanity were reeling from this “perfect storm” of events.  I had a Son recovering from a severe accident, a pregnant daughter who might develop cancer, a struggling business on the verge of collapse, a home and properties being foreclosed leaving me facing homelessness and a failed marriage.  Actually, I should say, a marriage on hold.  When I had told my Husband I was leaving for another man, he realized he didn’t want to lose me.  He even began to pursue me again like he did back in High School.

Around May of 2008, with my son being on his way toward making a full recovery from his accident, I had decided that I wanted to reconcile with my husband.  Not because it was what everyone else may have wanted, or with me keeping with conformity.  I was reconciling with my husband because for the first time in a very long time, I heard a whisper…from my own soul, just barely, but enough…enough to guide me towards the “right” decision for me.  Now this is where I should say my story ends, life turns out great, I became the Soul Whisperer because I could hear again and had managed to break free from my life of conformity…but life and change was still not done with me…with us.

Life continued…

My daughter was about to give birth, which shouldn’t have been an issue.  When her son, Kraz, was born on Oct, 28th, he had a hole in his heart and his health was weakened as a result.  Though the condition wasn’t grave, it added clouds to our family’s “perfect storm”.  By November, while we were praying for Kraz to get better, my Husband, Eric, fell ill due to respiratory issues that began earlier in March.  He was admitted to the hospital where he almost died.  Now I had thought I’d already reached the breaking point of what I could endure from life and yet more tragedy was on my shoulders.  But, instead of breaking under these enormous pressures, something else happened.  Like coal transforming from a blackened lump into a hardened diamond…I transformed.  Everything in my life became clear to me.  I could honestly hear the “Whispers” of my soul like a crystal voice in my head.  I knew what I wanted in life and I knew what I needed to do to achieve it; I became aware of what I wanted to do with my life.

My story may sound dramatic, for me it was, but do not compare your own situation with mine.  We each have dramas in our lives different from the next person.  And for each of us, these individual dramas can be the most overwhelming event in our life.  We start our lives, get molded by society, family, etc., and hopefully, eventually we discover who we are.  We become the individuals we were meant to be, but in truth it is often late in life that we “figure” this out.  We simply chalk up these life experiences to having gained wisdom.  However, I believe that if we were able to discover our true selves earlier in our life, find out the right paths to take, I believe we would be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.  We would live the lives of our choosing and find the success we all desire.  More importantly, we would learn to define and recognize success when we achieve it.

Life continues…

My ability (or gift?) to hear a soul’s whispers is restored.  I am assured that I still love my husband and want to keep our marriage.  Today we are continuing to work on our marriage and make it better, day by day.  My son Stephen is almost fully recovered from his ordeal, and thankfully, is able to work again at a job he is enjoying.  My daughter is miraculously free of any signs of HPV and any of the cancers it can cause.  She has also married the father of her child and living happily as a stay at home Mom.   My grandson, Kraz, is thriving and well and the hole in his heart has healed.  Our business is still surviving and my husband Eric is healthier and working.  I am also happier than I have ever been.  So no Hollywood ending here, after all, this is real life.  Now I can finally tell you…this is how I became the Soul Whisperer.


  • Graduate:  Life Breakthrough Academy -2010
  • Advanced Life Coach Training: LBA – 2010
  • Marketing Training: Daryl Daughtry/Renato Amato – 2010
  • Team growth, Recruiting Training: ACG, Inc – 2005-07
  • Personal Growth Training, Biblical Counseling Training, Leadership Training: Dr. James Payton – 2000/05
  • Client support and Confidentiality Training: Allied Business School – 2004/05
  • Biblical Training: Jubilee CC, Thru The Bible, JMM, Connections CC,1995/05
  • Leadership Training: Jubilee CC – 2003
  • Memory Training: Dale Carnege -1987

5 Responses to About Me

  1. lekpreomo says:

    I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up creating such exciting articles.

  2. Nnaemeka Orji says:

    Friend, I bring you this heaven-sent assurance that the verdict of the battle has been given in your favour.Hallelujah!

  3. Nnaemeka Orji says:

    The Gospel is a priceless commodity, Go and Sell it! Once you are not ashamed of God, He will not be ashamed of You.

  4. Godsteddy says:

    If you don’t mind, I grabbed your Headline Animator and will be placing it on my website, if you ok it. I want you to see the website first and make sure you understand what its about. I believe your writings could help many survivors just like me who have turned their lives over the Lord. Let me know. I am only now updating the site after 5 years since brain surgery and didn’t have the ability to comprehend what all was involved. I was not serving God at the time I created the site but it will be christian based when I am finished. You would be a great asset. Waiting to hear from you {{{snuggles}}} Gods Teddy

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