Being Cool With Jesus

Papa God created you, exactly the way you are. Did you know that? On top of that, He approves of you, with all your good and your bad habits. He loves you so much and never wants to lose you.

So He did this really cool thing for us. He made a way for us to be with Him always and that can start right now. His Word and the promises writen within says…

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”1

Some of us have experienced rejection from those closest to us, and that can make us weary to trust again, right? But we don’t have to worry about that with Him. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. – We can trust Him! “He is not a man that He should lie.”2

Ok, so you want to hear how it all started right? A quick version of it is…

At first, there was no sin. Then Adam and Eve believed a lie, instead of what Papa said to them. When Adam and Eve sinned, we were sold with the world to Satan.

So what that means for us now is, we are born into that situation of ownership. Here is where Jesus does that really cool thing for us – He died on the cross to buy us back. This relationship with Papa just always was before sin. But after sin, it became an option. So it is up to me and you to make a choice. The result of sin is death — which is spiritual separation from God.3 We don’t want that, because He is cool and is so good to us.

And… because of Jesus’ death on the cross, our sin doesn’t have to separate us from God any longer. God. 4

There is a whole lot more that I can go into about this, like about faith, love and growing your relationship… but we can talk about that – together, you and me. So email me…

Right now you can invite Jesus Christ into your life. You could say to Him something like, “Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I ask You to forgive me and to come into my life right now. Thank You for giving me a relationship with You and eternal life with God. I give my life to you. Amen.”

(1) John 3:16

(2) 1 Samuel 15:29

(3) Romans 6:23

(4) Titus 3:5

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