Meet Your Life Coach

Be free to be you!

Our lives are busy. We have family, work, home and even vacations we squeeze into our already packed lives. So when do we have the time to figure out what is going wrong, how do we stay on track when we suffer a loss, what is our truth? We fight with each other, stress out over work, cry ourselves to sleep, worry, pop aspirin for constant headaches and wonder why we just accepted a new project at work, the PTA or church?!

What if…

I could take all the things I’ve learned in life, all the training I’ve received, all the stories I’ve heard, the victories and defeats and show you how to bring balance, peace and healing to your life?!

What if…

You could glean from me in a short period of time, learn to trust yourself, discover your direction, your passion and the intimate knowledge of yourself – experiencing confidence, love and success?!

What if…

You could cast off self doubt, insecurities and low self-esteem like a worn out jacket and replace it with a new article of clothing that is a new and wonderful you – who carries oneself like royalty and who walks in the truth of who you are?!

If you’ve ready my ‘About me’ page then you already know that I have worked through some very trying and traumatic drama’s experiencing tremendous victory in my life! My specialty is to guide you through your drama’s, big or small. I do this by helping you hear the Whispers of your Soul. What does this mean?

This means that whatever your need is, whatever the inner struggles are, whatever heartaches you may have, I guide you into wholeness and healing.

Let me share with you one technique I use to help my clients begin to trust themselves. Careful and experienced listening helps me to understand what my clients Soul is whispering to them and by rephrasing these whispers , they begin to realize their Soul has been offering guidance, direction and the answers they need. Then with my gentle strategy, I help them explore how to continue in the right direction.

I am honest and tell it like it is, but I do so without any condemnation.

I truly believe that there can be no healing without complete trust. Thus my Creed is as follows:

  1. There is no judgment – there can be no healing where there is fear to share
  2. There is no condemnation – there can be no healing where there is fear of shame
  3. I hold no opinion – my responsibility is to help you understand the deepness of your heart and it’s issues and sometimes there can be some pretty ugly, embarrassing secrets we are afraid to share. However, I believe that secrets destroy.

If this sounds good… If you’re ready to make a change because you are tired of dealing, then you have come to the right place. Please contact me to arrange a complimentary  session and start your healing today!


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