September of 2010 I lost my two teenage children ages 17 and 19 in a car accident. The driver of their car sped recklessly around a turn, losing control of the vehicle. Their car flipped many times before coming to rest upside down at the bottom of a full water canal. I was devastated. My babies were suddenly and unexpectedly gone and I felt utterly lost. It didn’t take long before the days seem to blur together; numbness and tears seemed to be a constant and unwanted companion. I didn’t want to leave my room nor my bed. This is when My Life Coach, Veronica Schultz, “The Soul Whisperer” came into my life. Through our sessions, she helped me recognize that my identity was wrapped up in my babies and that I needed to fine me again, to find my purpose in life. It didn’t take many sessions with her before I began to find myself and my purpose in life again. The color of life started to return slowly. I learned how to manage my pain in a healthy way… and she always kept me encouraged and uplifted. Those times when felt like I was spiraling downwards, retreating inwards, she pulled me out and steadied me. There were many times I didn’t know how to express my pain or my worries, but she helped me find the words I needed to hear, what my soul, my heart was telling me. This became an important process because as time went by, I realized she was training me to hear the whispers of my soul. I started to get back into life, go out with family and friends and find joy again. I have moments when I cry and even break down. It’s to be expected when we suffer loss like I did. But Veronica has given me the tools to come out of those moments rather quickly. In January 2011 I returned to work; and this is what I want to share with you. It was my second week back to work when my coworker approached me. She was astounded that I was able to move back into work like I did. “You’re so strong”, she said. Then she brought up our friend who lost their child some time back and how she fell apart. “You look and act different than her”, she said… and wondered who I was seeing. I told her I had a life coach.  I suppose her remarks surprised me, because it can be a bit harder to see ourselves the way others can; but isn’t this an amazing tribute to Veronica’s expertize, her love, patience and ability to help others!

I am so grateful Veronica has helped me move through this horrendous circumstance, which is done by taking one day at a time. I’m convinced that if I had Veronica when I went through my divorce, it would not have taken me two years to find some semblance of mind, as it is, it’s been four months since I lost my babies and I’m back on my feet. Life continues, whether we participate in it or not. I was skeptical at first when Veronica told me in our first sessions that I will be able to find joy again and be able to remember my babies with a smile instead of falling apart. But it’s true and it has been a great reward to be able to find my joy again, even when I remember my beautiful babies.

Sylvia Bittick, USPS, Bay Area Ca.

God put Veronica in my life at the perfect moment. I was struggling to overcome an Anti-Depressant addiction. My walk with God was almost non-existent, for I believed that God was angry with me. Matter of fact, I didn’t belive He liked me very much. I had no sense of who I was and followed the church crowd. I was swayed by what others told me, whether right or wrong and this tragically affected any relationship I had with God, and others.
When I met Veronica, my trust in others had been shattered. I wanted to trust her, but was simply too scarred by past experiences. However, she was loving and patient. Before I knew it, I was comfortable sharing everything. God always revealed to her the right thing to say to me. I finally had a best friend who I didn’t have to hold anything back from.
Eventually, she helped me become my own person. She taught me God didn’t hate me and how to speak my mind. She taught me so much. Life was feeling very bleak and dark when I met her, but her help saved and changed my life. I’ve since found the inspiration to lose 40lbs, but my goal is 100 lbs,  finally able to overcome several addictions. Thanking God everyday for Veronica. She’s my Best Jesus Buddy :)

Mark Melton, Student, Tx.



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